Fluid Intelligence


The Fluid Intelligence series explores the ability to use seemingly random bits of experience and information to construct meaningful frameworks that consciously and unconsciously guide our thinking and worldview. The conceptual foundation is a set of patterned wooden blocks, designed in the 1920s to be fit into complex logical patterns and used as an intelligence test. I use the blocks as artifacts and archetypes to represent our most primal ways of thinking and constructing meaning. The imagery illustrates the inner place where we organize the abstract chaos of our environments, memories, aspirations, and fears. 


  • Obsession: Chickens Falling
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  • Fluid-intelligence_Fluid-intelligence_yellow
  • entropy
  • Fluid-intelligence_Fluid-intelligence_Random-Bits-diptych-sm
  • Fluid-intelligence_chaos
  • Fluid-intelligence_fluid-intelligence-pause.exhale
  • Fluid-intelligence_billboard-fear
  • Fluid-intelligence_Letter-to-My-Authentic-Self-sm
  • Fluid-intelligence_Palimpsest